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Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds


When faced with a wide selection of wireless earbuds, you may be puzzled about which one is best for you. But BWOO BW49 wireless earbuds are a puzzle-free choice for you as they offer outstanding specifications that redefine affordable headphones. These earbuds feature the BT5.3 chip, which promises good anti-interference and a fast connection, making it possible to quickly connect to the target device in an instant without experiencing a sudden disconnection. As soon as you open the charging case for the earphones, they can instantly connect to your device. Meanwhile, this wireless connection scheme offers stable transmission which makes sure the sound data is transmitted at a more stable speed without causing any delay in sound, bringing you a smooth music-listen experience. And BT 5.3 version chip also means low power consumption which ensures your device can run in an energy-saving way. 


Code: BW49

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